About Vurb

Our Mission – to intelligently organize and connect all the services together on the web

The ways we find, interact, and consume websites and services have remained largely unchanged over the years. Browsers render faster; mobile devices have more apps, and yet we still adhere to a model where every website or service has its own unique way of organizing information. At the same time, the number of online services available and the number of services we use has steadily increased.

We rely on our knowledge of each of these services as well as general search engines to index the entire web. However, for the most part, we’re still accessing these services one at a time, with windows and tabs to help us stay sane.

At Vurb, we’re proposing something new. Let’s challenge all the assumptions out there and reimagine how we fundamentally use the web. What if we could be smart about how you arrive at different services, contextually understand your actions, and then connect you with the most relevant information? Once we do that, what if we could also help you better organize and share that information in a coherent way?

Our goal with Vurb is to be your smarter interface to the Internet. Let’s change things up. Question everything. (Are you an engineer? We’re hiring.)

Founder, Vurb

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Founder and CEO of Vurb