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Meet Adrien: French Expat, Grad Student, & Urban Hiker

Username: @adrienlefranc

Location: San Francisco, CA

Interests: French food, photography, hiking and traveling

Originally from France, Adrien moved to the US a year ago to pursue a Master’s Degree and fell in love with the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Being an expat in the city was difficult at first. You look up guides online but then end up at tourist traps. That’s why I started my search for different apps – I wanted to find the local and hidden hangouts. With Vurb, I like that I’m able to not only search for individual places, but I’ll come across recommended things to do or places to eat at through local user Decks.”

A self-proclaimed foodie and urban hiker, Adrien spent a lot of time exploring different restaurants, landmarks, and bars around the city.  His efforts culminated in his Deck “Favorite Spots in SF”,  which showcases what Adrien believes are “the most interesting places to go to in the City by the Bay.”

“As I continued to play with the app, I find myself using it more and more for discovery. I love urban walks and exploring new spots in the city, and through other user Decks, I’ve uncovered some great parks and secret hikes.”

His favorite Vurb user Deck? “Walk the Walk” by Chris (@fuzzy).

“This Deck was a game changer, I also enjoy taking photos and some of my best shots are of places from this very Deck.”

Follow @AdrienLefranc on Vurb to see his other great Decks and check out his amazing photos on Instagram!

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