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Meet Katy: Adventurous Foodie & Skincare Maven

Name: Katy (@katywilson)

Location: Houston, TX

Interests: cooking, traveling, skincare, spending time with my dog

Katy is as spontaneous as they come. She’s stage-dived and crowd-surfed at a concert, travels frequently, and after graduating university, she moved to a new city without knowing anyone to start a new chapter in her life. Now residing in Houston, Texas, she is currently continuing her education in the field of Dermatology.

Her love of trying new things extends to her culinary taste. Katy discovered Vurb thanks to her friend Sage Coralli (@sosage),  and has since created multiple Decks that showcase her love of exploring the many dining options in Texas and beyond.

“I was first introduced to Vurb by Sage. Through her own fashion blog she goes to a lot of new places so I love to see what she saves between both Dallas, Houston, and all over the US. Together we have used Vurb countless of times to help decide where the next dinner spot is going to be, or to find the next hidden gem we are going to check off our list.”

Those new discoveries have all culminated into her go-to Deck, ‘Foodie: Houston’ that has amassed a following of 125 users.

“This is my favorite Deck for when I am looking for a bite for lunch or a place to take my out-of-town friends. It has a lot to offer in restaurant ideas for all over Houston. My Deck was getting so big, I started to create more specific decks for the Houston area. It makes it easy to find exactly where to go to next!”

So what’s next for the adventurous Texan?

“My bucket list is never ending! This year I want to go to unlimited music festivals and concerts. I hope to travel as often as possible, practice more golf and take up yoga.”

We have a feeling there will be more crowd surfing in her near future.

Follow Katy (@katywilson) on Vurb to see her full collection of Decks!

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