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Meet Mikhail: Music Enthusiast & Foodie With Flair

Name: Mikhail Metrikin (@mikhailmetrikin)

Location: Seattle, WA

Interests: Live music, creating consumer experiences, road trips, smoky spirits (liquor, not ghosts)

Mikhail is an expert when it comes indulging the senses. He’s a self-professed music lover, a foodie with a flair for big flavor, and an expert at entertaining the unbeaten path in his travels abroad.

“I worked in Digital Music for a number of years and have been a music geek since I was a teen. Live music is my biggest splurge category and I’ve started to combine my love of travel and music through destination shows. When it comes to food, my favorite experiences tend to take place on patios, decks, verandas, balconies, and terraces. I also love smoky cocktails – If it tastes like a campfire in your mouth, I’ll probably dig it.”

With such an eclectic taste, you could definitely call him an expert in eating well and finding fun in whatever city he’s dropped into.

“I’ve had stints in Seattle, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, and San Diego. For these cities, I can craft the perfect winning weekend itinerary.”

Which is why you know you can trust his Deck “My Favorite Seattle Eats”, a list that should be checked out by any visitor making a trip to Seattle, and locals themselves.

“I believe Seattle can be thoroughly experienced and discovered through its food. There are holes in the wall (Salumi, Marination Ma Kai) where the food itself tells a story. There are restaurants where the quintessential Seattle chefs, who are part of the very fabric of this city, truly shine (Revel, Dahlia Lounge). My personal favorites are the places with a deck on the lake (Westward, Little Water Cantina) and where the food becomes a complement to the views and moments that make Seattle so special.”

He also recommends checking out the Deck “LA Favorites” by Marina (@marina_n), a fellow Vurbie.

“One of my goals is to rediscover the constantly evolving food scene in LA (where I used to live). Marina is quite the foodie so I’m excited to check out these restaurants.”

So what’s next for this Seattle-ite? Mikhail broke down his bucket list for us and we can’t wait to follow his adventures. This year he plans to cross off N/Naka and Ink in LA off his foodie list, road trip to Olympic National Park in Washington and Crater Lake in Oregon, attend a Tame Impala destination concert in Berkeley, and make a trip down under to Australia.

But we’re sure that list will continue to grow each day.

“Over the past year, I visited my 30th country (India) and 21st state (Montana). I’m passionate about traveling abroad, but seeing the rest of the world has also made me realize how diverse and beautiful the U.S. truly is. My goal is to see all 50 states.”

Follow Mikhail @mikhailmetrikin as he eats his way around the world and check out his other Decks!

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