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Meet Ivy: Adventure Seeker & Travel Junkie

Name: Ivy (@ivyxvine)

Location: San Francisco, CA

Interests: Figure Skating, Traveling, Bouldering

At a young age, Ivy already travelled across the globe –  from Beijing, China where she was born, to Canada’s capital of Ottawa, where she was raised. It’s no wonder she’s such an adventurous free spirit today. Now living in San Francisco, she enjoys exploring her new city through restaurants and keeping up with her hobby of bouldering – a form of rock climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses!

But that’s not the scariest thing she’s ever done. Ivy’s travels have taken her to over 25 countries and 65 cities which have ended up in countless adrenaline rush experiences.

“I’m definitely an expert adventure seeker and traveler. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, rock climbed in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, cliff jumped in Lagos, Portugal, and walked the Great Wall of China.”

“I am the ultimate itinerary planner for every trip I take. I will map out in detail each place I will go to, in which order, and what I will do there. This of course, includes what and where I will eat at every destination!”

When it comes to bucket lists, Ivy doesn’t just make them – she checks them off. Which leads us to her favorite Deck “SF Restaurants”, a collection of 77 cards strong that has amassed 192 followers.  It details every single restaurant she’s eaten in San Francisco since she’s moved here six months ago.

“I love the way that it maps out where I eat often and where I’ve been in the different and diverse SF neighborhoods. When friends come to visit me in the city, I know exactly where to point them depending on the area they’re exploring. I also follow my friend’s SF Restaurants Deck so that we can compare restaurants as we’re both Canadian and new to SF.”

With her first hand experience in curating itineraries filled with jam-packed activities, Ivy hopes to write a book or create a blog sharing all her backpacking experiences so she can inspire others to check off their bucket lists and explore the world.

“I hope to do this in two languages, English and Chinese so that it can have more reach.” 

Check out ‘SF Restaurants now and follow @ivyxvine on Vurb to get inspired by Ivy’s other awesome Decks!

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