Featured Tastemaker of the Week

Featured TastemakerMeet Cathryn: Designer & Restaurant Connoisseur

Username: @caterbele

Location: Fargo, ND

Interests: Design, Yoga, Cooking

Cathryn resides in North Dakota where she works as a graphic designer, both freelancing and creating unique and beautiful wedding stationery designs under her own brand, Mirth Paperie. When she’s not doing design work you can catch her practicing yoga or wandering through the local farmer’s market or grocery store.

“Besides design, my biggest passion is food. You can usually find me reading food blogs and cookbooks looking for recipe inspiration. I discovered yoga about 5 years ago. I was hooked immediately, and have been practicing ever since.”

She humbly denies that she’s a food expert but based on her friends’ track record of always coming to her first for restaurant recommendations, we beg to differ. And not only does she love offering her advice, she’s good at it too.

“It’s really fun for me to ask them questions about what they’re looking for (part of town, price range, casual vs. fancy, what kind of cuisine, etc.) and come up with a recommendation that’s not just a restaurant that I ate at and enjoyed, but one that really fits their needs in that moment.”

Just like in her design work, you can see the thoughtful way she approaches everything in life. That’s why you know you can trust her Deck: ‘To Do List: MSP‘, a collection of her favorite restaurants in Minneapolis.

“Although I live in Fargo, I make the 3.5 hour trip to Minneapolis quite frequently, mostly to see friends and family. Since food is such a big passion of mine, I love my ‘To Do List: MSP Restaurants‘ Deck. It helps me keep track of restaurants I’ve been meaning to try, as well as help me plan future visits.”

And when she needs inspiration she turns to her friend Teresa (@teresahatfield), who’s created her own Deck called ‘Checked Off the List,’ that’s an ongoing tally of restaurants, breweries, and attractions she’s done in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

“It’s a great list for whenever I’m looking to do something new in the city, and I love that it’s all inclusive!”

So what’s next on the agenda for Cathryn? She hopes to take her yoga practice to the next level and start a training course this year to become a yoga instructor. As for her bucket list, her goal is to take on the Pacific Coast Highway on a West Coast road trip and check off seeing her favorite artist Ryan Adams headline at the Winnipeg Folk Festival up in Canada.

We can’t wait to see her new Decks and recommendations when that happens!

Check out ‘To Do List: MSP Restaurants now and follow @caterbele on Vurb to see Cathryn’s other awesome Decks!

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